Friday, January 20, 2012

English 1312 Proposal  

  The general topic I am focusing on is Border violence. This topic is relevant to my discourse community because it revolves around the main theme of the class which is Domestic and International Social Problems and I am sure that it will be interesting for my peers to learn deeper about the concerning issue that it is now international. The topic is important to me because I, being a citizen of El Paso TX next to the border of Juarez Mexico, want to learn more in detail about the causes and outcomes of the issue and how it is affecting both Mexican and American communities. 
        Since El Paso is next to Juarez, Mexican television signals are broadcasted on American Televisions and all that is broadcasted in their channels is the consecutive news about border violence filled with repetitive deaths and money. Drug Wars, deaths, corruption are all factors that interest me in depth because I want to be aware of the causes, the effect and the resolutions to this problem. By researching deeply on this topic I hope to accomplish a new outlook to the issue and learn more about it. I want to become familiar with it and even be involved to have a word on the issue. I hope to find positive factors that will bring a light ray of hope for the conclusion of the issue. 
         People and the audience should be interested in this topic for many reasons. This issue has affected our society in many diverse ways. Money is being thrown and burned in a neighbor country while innocent people die, and corruption grows like mold in a hard day’s bread while feeding of other’s people’s values. It is a clear image that is massively seen by people all over the world and in a professional standard it is an issue that should be discussed among government agendas. The topic instigates pathos, logos, ethos, and on a moral hand it becomes a very emotional topic among Mexican-American communities. A larger audience should understand the topic to have a point of view coming from any angle weather moral, domestic, or politic.
     The topic I have chosen relates massively to the larger theme of the class in many ways. The topic has being tremendously reported online in sites like YouTube, Facebook, as well as in online news. There are plenty of associations against border violence, and riots, plus artistic movement have being put into play like Javier Sicilia’s Moviemiento Por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad. The topic fits the larger theme foremost because it is an issue involving many countries in an international basis.